Parking in Brimfield

new.gif (130 bytes)   Important Note:

The Town recently passed new legislation prohibiting overnight camping at the Show UNLESS you are an exhibitor - this means all camper vehicles, tour buses, Recreational Vehicles, Vans, etc., seeking overnight parking are required to overnight park at commercial campgrounds.

Also: There is NO parking permitted on State Roads anytime, anywhere - Rts 19 & 20 - Show Roads - are State Roads - Never any parking!!!  If you park on a state road, we guarantee you will be ticketed and towed (and have to deal with Crazy-Dave to get your car back!  Crazy-Dave also sells used cars, so he doesn't much care whether you get your car back or not)!  (But we love Dave anyway.)

(Figure it this way - if you're parking somewhere for free, it's illegal...unless you're at a friends' house. The town tows aggressively!)

(Don't say we didn't warn you!)

From the moment you first come into town, generally from any direction, and most particularly from Rt. 20 East from Sturbridge, you will see signs advertising parking, and myriads of "official-looking people", waving flags, trying to steer you into their lots.

The least expensive parking, on the far outskirts of town is not an easily walkable distance, and for that reason, shuttles are provided. These sites are ideal for those who wish to avoid driving among foot and motor traffic in the center of town.

The most expensive parking, at $8.00-10.00 (per day) can be found along Rt. 20 along the main Show route. We think this is a real deal, and recommend parking as close to the center of the show as possible. Waiting in traffic a few extra minutes to park is a minor inconvenience compared to lug around any "treasures", then onto a shuttle bus and then on to your car.

Believe us, there is (90% of the time) plenty of parking in the center of town, (be patient - its worth it), and you're that much closer at the end of a long day to resting those sore, tired feet.