How It All Began:

Back in 1959, a Brimfield local auctioneer, Gordon Reid decided to establish an open-air auction, which he named Gordon Reid's Famous Antique Show. 

Based on the success of his show, several neighbors opened their yards and fields.  Joe Hopkins established Start of the Mart across from St. Christopher's Church.  In 1975, Lois Shelton, transformed her property across from Joe Hopkins', and ultimately, because of the overflow became Shelton Antique Shows.   

By 1982, Pam and Don Moriarty, owners of Heart of the Mart had purchased  11 acres and hosted their first show, consisting of six dealers.  By this year, Heart of the Mart will play host to almost 500 dealers, paying more that $250.00 each for their space. 

Gordon Reid died in 1974, at which time his wife and son took over.  Shortly thereafter, his Famous Antique Show was renamed J&J Promotions and run by Reid's two daughters, Judy Mathieu and Jill Lukesh.   J&J, this year, will host more than 800 dealers.  Since then, many other promoters have come onto the scene including Faxon's Treasure Chest, Mays Antiques, The New England Motel and Jeanne Hertan Antique Shows, to name but a few..

And even now, in anticipation of the Show's continued growth, even more contiguous acreage is being aggressively purchased for the day that it, too, will become a part of the Big Show. 


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