An Overview if it's your First Time...

Don't worry, if you've never been to the Show before, there's no real way to prepare for the experience. You should probably take a look at the Cigar Afficionado article (under History News and Articles) to get a flavor of what to expect.   
 Also, check the Tips Page for more guidance.

In general, just know that if you're looking for an antique item and cannot find it at the show or through one of the 5000+ dealers who come from the world-over to the show, chances are that you might have to live without it.

Brimfield is a small town of 2,000 that balloons to over 30,000 on peak show days. There are crowds, yes, but there is a particularly festive, safe, and family-oriented atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all if you're prepared. And because the Show ranges over a distance approaching a mile, the crowds are not concentrated as you might expect.

Parking ranges from $3.00 on the outskirts of town to $6.00 in town.  We consider parking in town (at $6.00) one of the best deals around.  Warning: Police actively patrol the side streets and highways and will immediately tow anything remotely resembling a vehicle not parked properly.  Please use only the parking lots to be sure!

Shoes MUST be comfortable, as you'll be on your feet most of the day; ideally, carry a foldable bag that you can stuff in your pocket when not in use, and take out to carry small items you purchase. Backpacks are an excellent idea. Strollers, even though space is limited, fit in quite well, and there's no need to leave the young ones at home. Just make sure, as always, that sun protection is available for you and your family.

It's also a very good idea to agree beforehand at a central place to meet, in case you get separated. If all else fails, the police station is behind the town hall (the big pink building in the middle of town), and bike police are commonly seen through-out the show area as well.

While we're on the subject on police, please be aware that the police do not tolerate open alcoholic beverages and drug-use will land you in the hoose-gaw pronto.

There are plenty of portable rest room facilities and sinks: every promoter is required to have these on-site, and they are generally clean, well ventilated, and not a problem to use at all. Porta-potties have come a long way in the 9 years we've been in town.

There is also an abundance of food: just about anything you like can be found at the dining areas in the middle of the show route. We particularly like the New England Motel cluster because there's almost always a dozen or more different food booths set up as in a food court, as well as tables and benches and---entertainment--- as well. We think the Texas Barbeque Pit is the best spot around and have a hard time sampling others.  This past show, we admit, we did manage to sample the Lobster Stand, featuring cooked-and-cracked-on-the-spot, lobster sandwiches, which we found to be a delicious, hearty treat, overflowing with succelent lobster meat - a deal at @ $6.95. On the other hand....the fried mozzarella at Francesco's (with Frank and Rosa's Special Sauce) is phenomenal and a meal all by itself at $5.95!  Let us know your favorites, and we'll post them here.

While you will see dogs here and there, they are not permitted on all fields, and the trend is towards banning pets.(See the Frequently Asked Questions section on the TIPS page).

There is an ATM machine at Country Bank on Main Street across from the Brimfield Common.  There are also mobile AMT vans that can be found, either at New England Motel or Hertan's Antique Shows.  Others can be found in neighboring towns of Sturbridge, Monson, Palmer & Warren.

Finally, to get the best deal, cash works best.