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  Unique visitors: 15094Number of visits: 20709Pages: 44320Hits: 801762Bandwidth: 38.61 GB Unique visitors: 15541Number of visits: 20433Pages: 41700Hits: 848335Bandwidth: 40.96 GB Unique visitors: 23305Number of visits: 29968Pages: 63116Hits: 1364468Bandwidth: 65.87 GB Unique visitors: 31573Number of visits: 42255Pages: 85238Hits: 1985424Bandwidth: 94.91 GB Unique visitors: 58005Number of visits: 84623Pages: 444199Hits: 3876377Bandwidth: 133.99 GB Unique visitors: 26821Number of visits: 36080Pages: 68310Hits: 1178290Bandwidth: 26.11 GB  
Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits
Jan 2015 15,094 20,709 44,320 801,762
Feb 2015 15,541 20,433 41,700 848,335
Mar 2015 23,305 29,968 63,116 1,364,468
Apr 2015 31,573 42,255 85,238 1,985,424
May 2015 58,005 84,623 444,199 3,876,377
Jun 2015 26,821 36,080 68,310 1,178,290

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     2017-2018 Ad Rate: $375.00 Annually   

                  Add Runs from April 2017 - March 30, 2018

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Full annual ad on the Sponsors page, plus a full year appearing on our home page - renewable each year.
The use of logos & photos in your ad.
E-mail links and links to your web-site from your ad.
Enough space to tell your story, i.e. whatever space is necessary within reason, in your ad.
Database listings which include a link to your web-site and a reference to your ad throughout
Only as an advertiser can your database and classified ad listings visibly display your true e-mail address.
Only as an advertiser can you list items for sale, as a dealer, in the Collector Classifieds.
Maintenance to the content of your ad as required.


How to Place Your Ad:  

1. E-mail us whatever copy and electronic material (photos, logos, etc.), you would like included in your ad, or provide a link to your website or to wherever your files are stored, so we may access the electronic files.  Within reason, we do not place a limitation on the size of your ad, or the info presented, but we do reserve the right to edit your ad for space considerations.

2. Click the Payal button below or on the home page, to pay securely with your Credit Card through a PayPal account.  If you prefer to make a direct credit card payment, we will fax you a credit card authorization form - please email us at to request the authorization form to be faxed to you.

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